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Mu-Online.HU - Season 16 Project opening at 13.Februar !

10:30 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)​

14:30 UTC +1 (UK)​

15:30 UTC +2 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy)​

16:30 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)​

20:30 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)​

21:30 UTC +8 (Philippines)​

Server location is Europe, best location/lowest latency/anti-DDoS for players from all over world guaranteed!

New Class:

First-class: Guncrasher

Second class: GunBreaker

Third Class: Master GunBreaker

Fourth class: High Guncrasher

Characters main weapon is: Pistol Character max level is 1300 (400regular and 900 Master) New 7th masteryManticore items, and 6th master Silver heart weapons! New maps, Red Icarus and Arning temple, available from 1070lvl, and drops new items! New socket+ excellent necklace! Private Store Extended!

Mu Online Season 16 Coming with new Strength and Energy based character GunCraher, new map Red Smoke Icarus, Arnin Temple, new skills for DK, new Ice dragon pet and lot more at gaming project!

Experience rate: X500 for Regular, Master, Majestic Exp, PPL Standart 5/6/7, Max stats 32000!

Reset: Ingame /reset command! From 400lvl, stats burns, and 300p/rr

Anti-Cheat: We are scanning server every day for cheaters/hackers, they are banned permanently without any warnings or chances for unban.

3D Camera System!

Fully Balanced PvP!

Real Play2Win Server!

PVP Kills Notifications!

All Character Skills in Shop!


InGameShop: Only Pets and boost items!

Gold membership in website: +50% EXP

Free Credits:

Vote reward and ingame(admin) events!


MAP: Deep Dungeon 1-5 (high def and hp)


Ruud Box (100)

Ruud Box (500)

Ruud Box (1500)

​​​​​​​Ruud Box (2000)

​​​​​​​Ruud Box (3000)


Castle Siege: Every Saturday!

Blood Castle:


Start Hour="0" Minute="30"

Start Hour="2" Minute="30"

Start Hour="4" Minute="30"

Start Hour="6" Minute="30"

Start Hour="8" Minute="30"

Start Hour="10" Minute="30"

Start Hour="12" Minute="30"

Start Hour="14" Minute="30"

Start Hour="16" Minute="30"

Start Hour="18" Minute="30"

Start Hour="20" Minute="30"

Start Hour="22" Minute="30"

Reward: bc 1-6 -> 5x jwl of bless or soul or life or chaos

bc 7-8 -> 2x ( 5x jwl of bless or soul or life or chaos)

Chaos Castle:


Start Hour="1" Minute="0"

Start Hour="3" Minute="0"

Start Hour="5" Minute="0"

Start Hour="7" Minute="0"

Start Hour="9" Minute="0"

Start Hour="11" Minute="0"

Start Hour="13" Minute="0"

Start Hour="15" Minute="0"

Start Hour="17" Minute="0"

Start Hour="19" Minute="0"

Start Hour="21" Minute="0"

Start Hour="23" Minute="0"

Reward: Ancient items and jewel

Devil Square:

+35% Jewel drop, and +50% EXP

Invasio mobs(fire flame,rabbits, pouch of blessing etc): jewel and exc item drops!

+All s16 events ON and configured!

Jewel and item drops config:

All boss good excellent and ancient item drop! (Kundun,Maya,Selupan,Medusa,Lord Ferea,God of Darkness,Knicks..etc!)

Medium jewel drop!

Start: All boxes have +5 +9 items (+add + luck) and jewels. (box of heaven,heart of love,crackers.. etc)

Jewel farm map: Kubera mine!

Flame of Condor: Balgass Barrack

Golden Sentence / Garuda Flame : Swamp of Darkness

Silverheart items : Red Smoke Icarus

Manticore items: Arenil Temple


Fenrir Gold Mount --> 15% Damage + 15% Absorve

Ghost Horse Mount --> 20% Damage + 20% Absorve

Ice Dragon (Blue) New Mount --> 25% Damage + 25% Absorve

Ice Dragon (Red) [Rare] New Mount --> 35% Damage + 35% Absorve

Season 16 New Features:

Knight class renewal

Party System renewal

New Mastery Talismans

Third mastery Earrings

Excellent Socket Necklaces

Renewed Gremory Case System

Renewed Personal Store System

Temple of Arnil map and monsters

Red Smoke Icarus map and monsters

Sixth and Seventh Mastery Grade items

General UI improvements of game client

New character class Gun Crusher, items, skills, wings

New guardian mount types, Ice Dragon and Ice Dragon Rare



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